luni, 24 august 2009

Lady GaGa Checks Out of London

She’s always on the move, and earlier today (August 24) Lady GaGa was spotted leaving the Mayfair Hotel in London, England.

On her way to catch a flight at Heathrow Airport, the “Just Dance” diva displayed her usual unique sense of style with a black pvc outfit teamed with a headscarf and sunglasses as she pushed past the paparazzi.

In related news, GaGa issued an apology to her fans for her truncated performance at the V Festival in Staffordshire over the weekend.

Forced to cut her set short due to her late arrival, the Lady tweeted, “Stage manager pulled the plug because I was 5 minutes over my time at V fest. Show was incredible. A shame people have no respect for music. My fans were lovely and really deserved to hear pokerface. I love you and I’m sorry. X”

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