duminică, 30 august 2009


"The City's" Olivia Palermo is way too young and fabulous to be wearing such a matronly sailor-inspired ensemble.
We certainly hope that Taylor Momsen's mom's shopping bag contains a pair of pants for her disastrously dressed daughter.
Is it just us, or does Kelly Rowland's hairpiece need a lil' adjusting?
Aubrey O'Day's makeup artist must be playing a trick on her, right?
From head to ankle, tennis ace Maria Sharapova is absolutely stunning. Why then must she and a number of other starlets ruin their looks by wearing such dreadful booties? Listen up, ladies! Ankle boots look like hooves, not shoes.
We're on the fence. Are Rumer Willis' coral Zac Posen frock and Fendi heels hot or not?
Did you see Heidi Montag's performance during the Miss Universe pageant? Yeah, neither did we. And from the look of things, we're glad we didn't.
With hair covering one eye, perhaps Shenae Grimes can't tell how ugly her outfit is.
Tia Mowry thinks she looks so fly in her fedora, patterned blouse, leggings, and metallic sandals. Well, she doesn't. Striking a pose in that ... mistake.
With summer coming to an end, don't you think it's time for Kate Gosselin's hairdon't to disappear? Perhaps her reality show should too.
In her latest rom-com, Sandra Bullock plays a dowdy crossword puzzle creator with no sense of style ... and we're sorry to say she wasn't in character when she walked the red carpet at the film's premiere.
Courtney Love's dress ain't half bad; her untied gladiator sandals and crazy coif, however, are both hot messes.
We're so tired of seeing Tori Spelling unsuccessfully attempting to rock flapper-inspired frocks. Enough already!

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