marți, 8 septembrie 2009

Lady GaGa Gets to Work in London

Continuing her overseas antics, Lady GaGa was spotted doing an in-store appearance at the HMV on Oxford Street in London, England earlier today (September 8).

The “Just Dance” diva donned yet another interesting ensemble as she hammed it up for the paparazzi including a black dress/black jacket/black stockings combo.

Prior to that, GaGa arrived into Heathrow International Airport on a flight from Berlin, Germany, sporting a bright yellow coat.

And coming up this weekend,the lady will take the stage at the 2009 MTV Video Music awards for a sure-to-be-amazing performance. Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton told press, “I think, without a doubt, Gaga’s gonna be that big star of the night, just because her performance really is next-level. That’s the thing about her: She’s always trying to top herself, and I think she’s going to.”

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