marți, 7 iunie 2011

Five Days, Five Looks, One Girl: Chioma Nnadi

When I’m interviewing a designer for the magazine, I prefer a social environment over a conference room. It makes for a better story, and Roman’s in Brooklyn is a nice backdrop. My My friend Christian Joy told me about the vintage store Fluke in Williamsburg, where I found this Italian silk dress. I like that it’s all buttoned-up because I can’t wear anything too girly.
One of the best things about living in Brooklyn is the brownstones. A few of my friends live in this building, and I sometimes take the scenic route from the subway home and stop by.
Designers are showing their resort collections at the moment, so a large part of my days is spent going to appointments and presentations. Here I am at the Shipley & Halmos studio in SoHo getting a preview..
Here I am in Bryant Park—I like to pick up a coffee on the way in to work—wearing camouflage, one of my all-time favorite prints.
If I’m feeling low-energy on a Monday morning, I’ll reach into my closet and pick out the brightest thing I own. It’s a real pick-me-up (and orange is the new red!). The combination of colors is inspired by a book on Yves Saint Laurent that I picked up at an exhibit in Paris last February.

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