duminică, 26 iulie 2009

Megan Fox Promotes “Jonah Hex”

Continuing along with her promotional duties, Megan Fox spoke during a panel for “Jonah Hex” at Comic-Con 2009 in San Diego on Friday (July 23).

Pulling double duty, as she also attended a screening for “Jennifer’s Body” last night, the “Transformers” cutie lit up the San Diego Convention Center as she took the stage for the day’s press obligations.

And though Miss Fox has definitely made her mark in the entertainment business, it seems as if Angelina Jolie isn’t buying into the many comparisons between the two.

When asked about Megan, Angelina allegedly said, “Is she aiding in Africa or sitting in on U.N. conferences? Donating herself to something bigger than Hollywood? I’m not familiar with her work, is she an Oscar contender?”

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