sâmbătă, 1 august 2009

Drown Me in LA Drama Queen

It's late July, everyone is suffering in the sweltering heat and the humidity is so thick it's suffocating. You do the charitable thing and offer to take your nieces and nephews to the community pool for a dip in what is essentially raw sewage. What swimsuit do you take along for such an occasion? Something you won't mind pouring gasoline over and setting ablaze after you remove it, and certainly not a piece from LA Drama Queen.

The Los Angeles-based swimwear and intimate apparel designer creates showstopping suits, taking her cue from ultra-feminine vintage styles and incorporating such features as a built-in corset bra in the above 'Barbie' swimsuit. And better yet - you can actually swim in them. Though wouldn't you be a bit reluctant to get this insanely adorable 'Absyinthe' suit all wet?

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