sâmbătă, 1 august 2009

That’s Haute: Yves Saint Laurent Documentary

It may not be a docu-drama of the violent sort, but the self-narrated Yves Saint Laurent documentary about his life, slated to be released in November, is catty couture at it’s best. The legendary designer dishes on his fashion rival, the iconic Coco Chanel and her allegations during a 1968 interview on “Dim Dam Dom,” a TV show for French women, that he copied her designs. Below is Laurent’s rebuttle to Chanel’s accusations: “First of all, I’m very flattered that Mademoiselle Chanel deigned to take an interest in what I’m doing and that she designated me her successor. But I am not at all in agreement when she says I copy her … I think also the big difference between me and Mademoiselle Chanel is that I try to bring women a style that allows them to adapt their style to my dresses and allows them to develop their personalities. While a woman who wears Chanel resembles Mademoiselle Chanel.”

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